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This page refers to information about whole-of-river issues. For more information about specific parts of the river, please visit

Cashmere Stream Care Group
Lower Cashmere Residents Association
Friends of the Ernle Clark Reserve
Beckenham Neighbourhood Association
Forest and Bird, Calders Green
Avon-Heathcote Estuary Ihutai Trust

Catchment management and landscape design

Heathcote River Floodplain Management Strategy (CCC & Canterbury Regional Council, 1998)

Mid Heathcote River/Opawaho Linear Park Masterplan Part One: The Masterplan (CCC, 2009)

Mid Heathcote River/Opawaho Linear Park Masterplan Part Three: Key Goals (CCC, 2008)

Surface Water Strategy (CCC, 2009)

Waterway restoration (CCC)

Opawaho-Heathcote River Catchment: Vision and Values (CCC, 2016)


NatureWatch: a living record of life in New Zealand that scientists  environmental managers, citizen scientists and communities can use to monitor changes in biodiversity in their local area.

Whaka Inaka: Causing Whitebait (Eos Ecology)


General information about waterways in Christchurch

Cleanwaterways.org.nz: a fantastic website about urban waterways

Waitahi Wai: The Waterways of Christchurch (Environment Canterbury, 2010)*

*This document is a significant reference for the content of this website. The OHRN is indebted to the author, Chrys Horn and Environmental Canterbury and the Christchurch City Council for permission to use this document as reference material.


Geomorphology and the effect of earthquakes


The Christchurch City Council monitors the environmental health of the Ōpāwaho-Heathcote river. Results can be found here.



Heathcote River Walks: Walks that explore your city. CCC (n.d.)

Proposed Cycle Way: Ōpāwaho ki Ihutai River Route. (CCC)


Tangata Whenua

Tī Kōuka Whenua (Christchurch City Library)






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