Get Involved

There are loads of things you can do to help make the Ōpāwaho-Heathcote River an ecologically healthy river that people take pride in, enjoy, and care for.

  1. Subscribe to the Ōpāwaho-Heathcote River Network e-letter to keep in touch! (Go to our home page, click on "Newsletter Signup").
  2. Like the Opawaho Heathcote River Facebook page
  3. Tell us about any ideas you might have about making a difference to the river, and how you can help to make that happen.
  4. Assist with the annual Mother of All Clean Ups (usually the same weekend as Mother’s Day, which is the second sunday in May, 12th May 2018)
  5. Tell people that all storm water drains (those are the drains which take rain water away) are connected to Christchurch rivers. You would be surprised at the number of people who think that rainwater in gutters is treated by the local sewage plant.
  6. Take your friends for walks along the river and encourage them to enjoy it.
  7. Pick up any litter you see. (It helps if you take a rubbish bag with you on your walks)
  8. Wash your car on the grass so the soapy water doesn’t flow onto the street and eventually into the river.
  9. If you have a dog, pick up its poo on river banks and in parks.
  10. Wash any DIY paint brushes in the laundry sink - avoid any water with paint in it flowing into storm water drains.
  11. Ask your mechanic if they can supply copper-free brake pads for your car.
  12. Get your sewage pipes checked for any cracks, and fix them
  13. Watch the ducks instead of feeding them.
  14. Don’t apply garden fertilisers, or sprays (especially moss killers) just before a heavy rain event - otherwise the nutrients might run straight off the garden into storm water.
  15. Minimise the hard surfaces on your property - gardens, permeable pavers and  help to soak up rainwater and slow down run off into stormwater drains. Rain barrels and tanks help too!


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