Did you know the Opawaho Heathcote River has a Facebook page?

Did you know that the Opāwaho Heathcote River has a Facebook page?

First established in 2014, this page has been a great success and now has 631 likes. Whilst the Opāwaho Heathcote river hasn't achieved the same legal status as the Whanganui River, the Opāwaho speaks for itself in first person through this page, talking about the issues that it is most concerned about and need the people who live around it to understand. It also talks to, and about, its sister river the Otākaro-Avon River, and its cousin, the Ihutai Estuary.

The most viewed post so far has been the Maori history of the name 'Opāwaho', which attracted 2750 views. The voice behind the Facebook page is Karen Whitla. If you want to see regular posts about the Opāwaho-Heathcote river, please 'like' our page, and share it with your friends. 










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